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about the best Castrol oil for your car.*

Recommendations are for passenger cars only.
*Not all vehicles will have a recommendation, please phone the CASTROL TECHNICAL HELPLINE on 0800 10 40 60 for any queries (Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.00pm).

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Using this system is easy. Simply enter your license plate number into the big number plate above and click "Check My Oil". We'll make a recommendation from the Castrol range of products.

Also this site is a wealth of information, so keep scrolling to find out more about oil.

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Why is engine oil important?

In a nutshell, with the right oil, your engine will achieve optimal performance, allowing your vehicle to run efficiently, no matter when or how you drive.

Motor oil has been called the 'life blood' of an engine and without it, your engine would quickly come to a stop, potentially costing you lots of money and time to fix.

Engine oil has many functions to keep your engine running:

  • Lubricates - reduces wear and tear between the moving parts of your engine
  • Cools - absorbs heat to cool the engine and prevent overheating
  • Seals - seals the space between the piston ring and cylinder wall to prevent loss of engine power
  • Cleans - prevents waste and impurities sticking to the engine interior
  • Inhibits - neutralises acids produced by the engine, to prevent rust and corrosion

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How to check your oil

Checking and changing your car's oil at regular intervals is important for the health of the engine, to ensure your car is running efficiently.


  1. Park on a level surface, turn off the engine and wait for 5 minutes.
  2. Take out the dipstick and wipe away any oil. Re-insert then remove again and read the level.
  3. The difference between the maximum and minimum level is at least half a litre.
  4. Remove the oil filler cap and add a little oil if required.
  5. Repeat Step 2 after waiting for a few minutes, to see if more oil is needed.

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Our Engine Oils

Castrol EDGE

Did you know?

Engine pressures have doubled in the last 10 years.

Some engine parts such as the cam and follower are placed under pressures of up to 10,000kg per square centimetre, and all that separates these components from rubbing together is a thin layer of oil.

Weak oil is unable to resist this pressure, causing the oil to break down, increasing metal-to-metal contact, increasing friction and reducing engine efficiency.

Because today's engines are under greater pressure than ever before, today's oils need to be stronger than ever before.

Castrol EDGE is boosted with 'TITANIUM FST', giving it up to double the oil film strength to prevent oil break down, sharply reduce friction and improve engine performance. In fact, Castrol EDGE with 'TITANIUM FST' is up to 45%* stronger than a major competitor in reducing metal-to-metal contact.

So ask yourself - do you want strong oil or weak oil?

Castrol EDGE is the oil of choice for many leading car manufacturers and a trusted technical partner of some of the world's most demanding motorsport teams.


  • EDGE 10W-60
  • EDGE 5W-30LL
  • EDGE 5W-30 A3/A4
  • EDGE 0W-40 A3/A4
  • EDGE 5W-40 SN
  • EDGE 25W-50

Castrol recommends that drivers check their owners handbook before selecting their oil or phone the CASTROL TECHNICAL HELPLINE on 0800 10 40 60.

*In our variable speed Fluid Strength Test, Castrol EDGE with TITANIUM FST' gave up to 45% less metal-to-metal contact than a major competitor's product. Products representing 61% of our 2012 sales volume were tested.

Click here for more information about the Castrol EDGE range.

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Castrol Magnatec

Did you know?

Up to 75% of engine wear happens while your engine is warming up.

When the engine stops, oil drains off critical engine parts, leaving them unprotected against the harsh friction that occurs when you start your engine. Your engine needs to be protected during this high-wear period.

Castrol MAGNATEC has intelligent molecules, which bond to the metal surfaces in your engine, providing an extra layer of protection and dramatically* reducing engine wear when you need it most - during warm-up. Unlike ordinary oils, these intelligent molecules don't wait for the engine to warm up before they start protecting, they are already clinging to the parts that need protection the most.

Castrol MAGNATEC provides instant protection from the moment you start.



  • MAGNATEC 10W-40

*As tested in the industry Sequence IVA wear test.

**Castrol recommends that drivers check their owners handbook before selecting their oil or phone the CASTROL TECHNICAL HELPLINE on 0800 10 40 60.

Click here for more information about the Castrol MAGNATEC range.

Castrol GTX

Castrol GTX is one of the world’s most trusted engine oils. It protects against problems that your engine faces every day.

Severe driving conditions such as heavy traffic, combustion contaminants, harsh weather conditions and exceeding oil change intervals can all cause the build-up of a thick, tar-like substance called sludge. If untreated, it can rob an engine of power and, ultimately, its life.

Did you know?

Castrol GTX, with its Double Action formula, is formulated to extend the life of your engine by preventing the harmful build-up of sludge, reduce oil deposits and protect your engine.

The Double Action formula of Castrol GTX cleans away old sludge*, while protecting against new sludge formation, better than tough industry standards.


  • GTX 20W-50
  • GTX DIESEL 15W-40

*When tested in engines with high levels of deposits.

**Castrol recommends that drivers check their owners handbook before selecting their oil or phone the CASTROL TECHNICAL HELPLINE on 0800 10 40 60.

Click here for more information about the Castrol GTX range.

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